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Chris started tattooing in 1999 after getting out of the Navy. He first worked in Monterey under the tutelage of Margi Perotti of creative visions. Since then he has had the privilege of working in the Texas and the United Kingdom. Chris has traveled extensively attending some of the most prestigious tattoo conventions in multiple countries such as Canada, England, South Africa, and Australia as well as participating in art shows as far as way as Beijing. He opened Naked Art Tattoos in Odenton Maryland in 2005 with the goal of creating a place where his clients as well as the artists could feel at home and relaxed. The shop exudes this feeling by the use of stone pillars, Porcelain flooring, fireplace, and custom workstations. Chris feels that flashy over the top futuristic decor is counterintuitive to the creation of art, and the collaboration between artist and collector.